In the News: Ezzedine Fishere

"President Biden was keen not to bequeath a failed Afghan operation to his successors. He may have just opted to bequeath them a bigger problem," writes Senior Lecturer Ezzedine Fishere in a "Washington Post" opinion piece about the Taliban's victory and what it says about the Middle East, its societies, states, and politics.

Opinion: What the Taliban victory spells out for the Middle East

Reactions across the Middle East to the stunning Taliban victory in Afghanistan have focused mostly on what it says about the United States. For many, it shows how America's standing is diminishing; how the United States has betrayed its allies, leaving behind those who believed its promises — yet more proof that "those whose only cover is America are naked," as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak reportedly once said.

Some are deliriously convinced the United States "handed over" Afghanistan to the Taliban as part of a plan to use the Sunni Islamists against Iran. Others, including many nationalists and leftists, claimed it as a victory of a national liberation movement against U.S. imperialism. Everyone seems to have something to say about the United States and its failure, but there is little introspection in what the Taliban victory says about the Middle East itself, its societies, states and politics. On this, five things stand out.

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