Summer 2018

MES Summer 2018 Courses

Arabic 22, 23 and MES 16.10: Modern Morocco (Rabat, Morocco LSA+)

  • Tarek El-Ariss


Arabic 34: Media Arabic @ 12

  • Jamila Chahboun

This course is an introduction to the language of the Arabic press and broadcast media. It offers training in the basic skills required to read, comprehend, and translate Arabic media texts. The course is intended as a supplement to language training based on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).


MES 16.11: From Genesis to Seinfeld @2A

  • Lewis Glinert

What is Jewish humor, what are its roots, and what can it begin to tell us about Jewish society, its values and its self-image? Using Freudian and other humor theory, we examine 2000 years of Hebrew comedy and satire, from the Bible to contemporary Israel, in such genres as short stories, jokes, and strip cartoons, and its relationship to American Jewish humor.


MES 16.12: Language, Politics and Power in the Middle East @ 10A

  • Lewis Glinert

This course explores the sociopolitical dimensions of language in the Middle East, past and present, at the macro level. How have political, ideological and social forces affected the fate of Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, and other major regional languages such as Ancient Greek, Kurdish and Berber? How does language affect and reflect heritage, ethnicity, religion and nationhood, with their linguistic ideologies? What are ‘languages’ and ‘dialects’? What are the causes of language conflict or repression? Is 'one state one language' an economically or politically rational policy? How and why might language and literacy be planned and managed? No prior knowledge of a particular language or culture is assumed.


The following two courses will grant MES course credit:

JWST 40.01/GOVT 40.09: Politics of Israel and Palestine (INT or SOC/NW) @ 12

  • Seth Anziska 

JWST 44/GOV 40.22: The Making of the Modern Middle East (INT, SOC) @ 2

  • Seth Anziska