Dealing with the Painful Past: The Moroccan Experience in Transitional Justice

Dr. Abdelhay Moudden will present his research 'Dealing with the Painful Past: The Moroccan Experience in Transitional Justice' on May 25, 2023 at Rockefeller 003 at 5:00pm. The event is sponsored by Middle Eastern Studies, The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education and The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding.

The presentation addresses the subject of transitional justice, a term coined in early 1990's to analyze and theorize how political regimes around the world acknowledge their cruel recent history and grapple with ways to read it and search for remedies to its legacies. The focus on the Moroccan experience shall highlight the achievements and the limitations of this approach to the painful past. 

About the speaker:

Aldelhay Moudden (PhD, University of Michigan) is a former Political Science professor at Mohammad V University and the founder and academic director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (CCCL) in Rabat, Morocco. He is a former member of Morocco's National Human Rights Council and the country's Equity and Reconciliation Commission. He has published several articles and studies on political culture, thought, and economy.

About the discussant:

James C. Swan is the Magro Family Distinguished Visitor in International Understanding at Dartmouth. He's a former US ambassador and UN special representative who served in a number of African countries.