Drill AT Language Program

About the program

The 2020 Spring Term Language Drill Assistant Teacher (AT) Workshop for Middle Eastern Languages (Arabic & Hebrew) and East Asian Languages (Chinese & Japanese) WILL NOT TAKE PLACE AS INDICATED BELOW, DUE TO CORONAVIRUS CRISIS:

Monday, March 30: 6PM to 7PM (Orientation), Dartmouth Hall 105; followed by practice sessions, 7PM to 9PM in 212/213 Dartmouth Hall

Tuesday, March 31: practice sessions, 7PM to 9PM, 212/213 Dartmouth Hall

Wednesday, April 1: practice sessions, 7PM to 9PM, 212/213 Dartmouth Hall, followed by Jury Selection.

Students are encouraged to participate in the AT Workshop in order to learn the drill method and try out to be an AT for the Spring Term. The participation of veteran ATs contributes significantly to the training of new candidates. 
Attendance of the full workshop is required by all to audition for a position as an AT.  No need to sign up ahead of time; simply show up!



                                     LANGUAGE PLACEMENT EXAMS:

If you have questions about taking the following language placement exams, please contact:

For ARABIC: El.Mostafa.Ouajjani@Dartmouth.edu

For HEBREW: Nurit.Ben-Yehuda@Dartmouth.edu

For CHINESE: Lei.Yan@dartmouth.edu

For JAPANESE: Ikuko.W.Watanabe@Dartmouth.edu

For KOREAN: Allen.Hockley@Dartmouth.EDU