• Arabic or Hebrew 1-2-3 or approved language (e.g. Greek 1-2-3)

MES Major Requirements

  • Two language courses at the intermediate level: Arabic 22-23 or Hebrew 21-22 or approved language at equivalent level (e.g. Greek 20).
  • Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies Seminar (MES 1)
  • Two Core Courses (from MES 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9). Examples include:
    • MES 2.01: The Making of the Modern Middle East
    • MES 4.01: Energy and Society in the Middle East
    • MES 5.01: Identity and Representation in the Middle East
    • MES 8.01: Introduction to Middle Eastern Politics
  • Four Electives from MES owned or cross-listed courses. Students may construct their disciplinary focus through these courses.
  • One Culminating Experience (a course at the MES 80-level); substitutes may be approved by the Chair.
  • Total = Ten Courses

All majors must have at least one course in: humanities, history or politics, pre-modern period, and modern period


MES allows students to modify the major with offerings from other departments or programs. Students will design this major in consultation with a department/program adviser and provide a written rationale explaining the intellectual coherence of their modification. Students will be required to take a combination of courses including 6 courses in MES.

For questions, please contact the chair, Professor Tarek El-Ariss or the administrator, Jennifer M. Thomas

Honors Major

Standard major requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.25 and the following additional requirements:

  • Two advanced language courses beyond Arabic 23 or Hebrew 23.
  • Senior thesis:
    • MES 88, Senior Honors Thesis part 1, and MES 89, Senior Honors Thesis part 2. These two courses (taken in winter and spring) will be coordinated with a faculty advisor.  The Honors proposal is due by the 5th week of the preceeding fall term.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are expected to update Dartworks' plan to reflect courses completed, current enrolled courses and courses you are planning to take to meet the MES Major requirements.